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Corrosion Control Outdoors LLC
Luzerne, MI 48636
Phone: 231.360.9990


I live in the Midwest and the temperature and humidity is constantly changing which can play havoc on my classic cars relative to corrosion. I was storing my cars in an unheated garage with regular car covers, and when pulling them out for the summer always noticed some rust on them. Rather than constantly worrying about their "unprotected" storage I procured one of your cocoons, and when pulling out one of them this spring I saw no corrosion whatsoever. Was I ever relieved! I even put an unplated piece of steel in the cocoon and one in one of the cars without the cocoon. The piece of steel in the car without the cocoon exhibited some rust (along with the car), but the piece in the cocoon showed absolutely no rust, likewise the car. By the way, we had a bad winter here this year with lots of humidity/temperature change. Anyhow, your cocoon has made me a "believer" so much that I will order two more for my other cars and have a "worry free" off season. Best of luck to you and your company.

Sincerely, Jerry Antczak

Dear Craig,
The car cocoon I purchased from you is great. It is the best investment I could have made to protect my 1970 Mach I. My car is stored during the off-season in an unheated garage with a car that is a daily driver. All winter the door is constantly being opened exposing my car to the elements not to mention all the snow, slush and salt the other car brings in. The past winter that did not worry me at all because my car was completely protected by the car cocoon.

I have recommended your product to several friends who own classic cars or motorcycles and they have all been very happy and thanked me for turning them on to the cocoon.

Craig, again, you have a great product. Anyone who has concerns about storing their classic car in the off-season should own one. It is by far the best product on the market. I know. I have tried others.