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Don't Just Cover Your Classic Car...Cocoon It!

Here's how it works: The Car Cocoon material is impregnated with Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI's). These VCI's migrate to all metal parts of the vehicle when the car is zipped up and inside the Cocoon. The vapors bond and form an invisible layer of protection on all metals. They are electrochemically drawn to the metals surface just like dust is drawn to a computer screen. The end result is many years of protection from the air, salt, and moisture which cause corrosion.

This is a storage "Cocoon" not a bag or cover. Traditional covers (canvas, vinyl, or nylon) will not protect a car from the ravages of rust and corrosion, in fact, some will accelerate rust and corrosion by acting as a breeding ground holding humidity in.

Your Classic Car should be stored inside. Even though the Cocoon will protect your car from harmful UV rays, we recommend that you store your car inside.